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Goshen Mortgage Fund

A closed opportunity funded by a single private equity firm with offices in Greenwich and Palm Beach.  Founded in 2010, this fund has deployed over $600 Million to the NPL, RPL, PL, & REO space with a focus on the states of New York and Florida but with holdings throughout the USA.  This fund is limited to single-family residential first lien whole loans and has returned over $500 Million to its investor at very favorable ROI for a micro-managed, macro-fund.

First Lien Investments LLC - NOW OPEN

Currently Open Opportunity Fund for investment by a limited number of accredited investors and family offices. The launch of this offering is June 2020 and we anticipate it closing by December of 2020. With the start of this fund comes new investment opportunities for a limited number of investors to be able to capture excellent return on investment in a residential real estate market that most experts believe peaked in early 2018. We are positioned to take advantage of many primary lenders who we believe will need to liquidate non performing assets as the market continues to erode on the residential side due to the nature of the real estate cycle. The strategy for this fund has been well rehearsed and is based on the outstanding track record that sister fund and asset manager Spurs Capital has achieved over the past 10+ years. 

Spurs Capital & RSI Asset Management

The leaders of these two organizations have teamed up to create NPN Capital Management LLC.  The idea of this new venture is to utilize the Spurs connections in secondary mortgage market with access for product combined with one-of-a-kind valuation and modelling programs and leverage that against a diverse real estate background in both residential and commercial real estate that the professionals of RSI can offer.

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