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An investment management firm focused on opportunity investments secured by real estate.  Our goal is to provide solutions to both financial institutions and borrowers currently under stress in the mortgage market.  By providing immediate liquidity to distressed Sellers, we

 can arbitrage significant returns for its investors with minimal risk.

Bill Bymel
Managing Member
Ari Meltzer
Managing Member

Bill Bymel has developed a distinct track record for identifying investments with strong upside potential while minimizing risk by securing with hard assets such as real estate.  Since 2002, Bill has invested in and brokered real estate and provided mortgage service consultation for major financial institutions such as Wells Fargo Bank and JP Morgan Chase as well as billion dollar private equity firms such as Wexford Capital.  Bill is a partner in a 35-year old boutique commercial real estate firm based in Florida.

Ari Meltzer has been active in real estate since 2002. He is a Managing Partner in numerous, notable development and value-add projects across the State of Florida with a total asset value in excess of $500M. Projects include student housing, retail and mixed use, senior living developments, condo conversions, and multi-family value-add. Ari focuses on investment strategies rooted in pricing advantages that arise from distressed, complex and dislocated scenarios. He is a father of 8-year-old triplets.

Kai Tsukiyama
CEO, The Infinity Group

Kai Tsukiyama has been in the finance related industry since late 2002, specializing in real estate acquisition-disposition, financing, investment, and management. Over his past 12 years in the financial arena, he has ran multiple multi-million dollar platforms within some of the more affluent capital management firms in the industry. His primary focus for more than half of his career has revolved around the management distressed residential assets. He brings his professionalism, attention to detail, efficiencies, and experience to the management of our firms portfolio.

Peter Slagowitz
CEO, Spurs Capital

Peter Slagowitz is a seasoned finance professional with speciality in loan trading, securitization, conduit management, and distressed mortgage valuation.  Following a position as Senior VP at Credit Suisse in New York City and Managing Director at UBS Investment Bank in London where he founded their whole loan trading program, Peter founded Spurs Capital LLC in 2008 as a New York based investment management firm focused on residential mortgage portfolios.

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